Monday, June 20, 2011

My Dad Rocks

**Note-I wrote this yesterday, but didn't get it posted.**

Earlier today one of my friends put as her Facebook status "my dad is cooler than your dad".  It was cute.  I could see her saying it.  But then I thought, no way, my dad is way cooler than any dad I know.  I have been blessed to have a lot of good men in my life.  It has been a joy watching some of those men (like my brother Neal) become amazing fathers.  Fathers who are active in their children's lives and aren't afraid to play with toys and act silly.  The dynamics of the father/child relationship fascinate me.  So today here are some reasons why my dad rocks...

*He chose to be my daddy.  He could have picked someone else.  That's the reality of adoption.  My daddy picked me-bald head, chubby cheeks, chicken pox and all-he picked ME.  Because of that choice I grew up knowing that I would never be alone in the world. 

*He taught me about hard work and surviving the hard times.  Let me just clarify that I was a brat when I was little.  (Some may argue that I still am a brat!)  I was probably really demanding and wanted lots of things.  My dad worked hard (as did my mom) so that we could have the things we needed and wanted.  When I was very little he worked on building bridges.  He would be gone for days at a time.  I know it was hard to be away and it was hard work...but he loved us enough to make sacrifices for us.  That never changed.  I can not even begin to fathom the things my dad has given up so I can have a good life. 

*He showed me what a good husband and a good father does.  My daddy cooks, cleans, does laundry, helps with homework, plays baseball in the yard, works with 4-H animals...he does it all.  He taught me by example the way that I should expect to be treated.  He taught me that I am worth much more than I often realize.

*He makes my friends feel loved.  In college my friends and I would call my dad about everything.  What kind of meat should we buy to grill or how do you get charcoal to light or what do we do if our sink is leaking.  We just knew that he would know.  And he always did.  Through the years I have had several "best friends".  My dad has always welcomed them and wanted to help them as much as he wanted to help me.  From giving advice on water leaks and car problems, to mixing drinks, to buying my friend a tire when she was visiting...he makes my friends know that they are welcome and loved in my family.

Quite dad rocks.  He always tries his best and everything he does and has done in his life has been for the benefit of his family.  I love him so much!

And because this year I had the honor of meeting Doug I have the number one reason why he rocks...

*He always WANTED me, even when he couldn't keep me.  He never gave up on me.  And when he found me he did not try to pressure me into being a part of his family.  He let me take my time and let me know that there was always a place for me there.  And he did not try to make my relationship with my daddy any less important.  He (and Dawn) acknowledged from the beginning how important my family is and how thankful they are that I had a good life.  

I am so lucky to be surrounded by such cool guys.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Class Reunion Planning

I have been a blogging slacker lately.  In my defense I have been super busy with other stuff.  Like watching multiple seasons of Dawson's Creek on DVD and unpacking TONS of boxes from my storage building and buying vintage Cabage Patch dolls and antique books at estate sales.  Also, I don't have the internet at my house currently.  I know...I've reverted to the dark ages.  Today I have lots to say but I'm gonna have to break it up into multiple posts due to time restrictions.  Right now at this very minute I am sitting in my office at church (where I am the Administrative Assistant and Children's Ministry Coordinator) and I am actively finding ways NOT to work.  I should be planning fall curriculum or working on Bible school stuff...but instead I'm writing this blog about something that has consumed much of my time high school reunion.  That's right folks...I graduated from high school ten years ago.  That makes me feel really old.  So I am going to be posting about party planning for the reunion.  (The event planner in me is so excited about planning this and sharing about it that it's almost disturbing.)

This is the invitation I designed for the event.  This weekend I got them back from the printer and I immediately found a flaw.  Not in the printing but in my design.  The yellow circle is slightly misshapen.  But I still love them.  And better yet I designed them.  I didn't have to order a pre made design from somewhere.  No, they're not ultra special or anything.  But it's a start.  I scribbled out my phone number on this one before I posted it.  But if you're reading this you probably already have my phone number. 

Other reunion updates...I have gotten addresses collected of about half of my class.  I am still working on the others.  I am searching online for graduation party decorations that say Class of 2001 but have had no luck so far.  I am thinking about designing some.  I am also considering doing cupcakes as favors...but the night could progress into more...uhm..."celebrating" (there is a bar next door to the event location) and carrying around cupcakes would not really be an ideal situation.  We'll see what happens.

Ok, that's all for now.  Back to work.  Later I plan to write about why my dad rocks.