Sunday, April 24, 2011

When I love church...

Sometimes I love going to church.  Sometimes I don't, but sometimes I do.  On the days when I love it here are some of the things I love...

I love that it doesn't matter what you wear.  You can have on jeans and a raggedy shirt, a three piece suit, or pajamas and it matters not.  God doesn't care at all what you have on...and in most churches (the good ones in my opinion) the people don't care either.  I usually enjoy getting dressed up for church, but if I didn't feel like doing that it would be fine.

I love that when you are in a church it really doesn't matter what the room looks like.  There could be plain white walls or walls donned with banners and decorations but it doesn't matter.  It could be in a building meant to be a church, an old warehouse that has been converted or a house.  It doesn't matter. 

I love that you can be the best singer or (in my case) the worst singer.  When you sing, God thinks it's beautiful.

And MOST of all...the very BEST thing about church is...are you ready for this...EVERYONE there needs Jesus.  Everyone.  From the preacher giving the message, to the man with his hands raised in worship, to the girl hanging her head in shame.  Every single person in there is in need of Jesus.  EVERY SINGLE PERSON.  Wow.  That blows my mind.  We all need Jesus so much.  It's a beautiful thing really.  Crazy, yes.  Confusing, you bet.  But beautiful. 

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