Sunday, February 26, 2012

Just so you know...

Just so you know... (a collection of random thoughts for this moment in time)

*It is an absolutely beautiful day.  I had girls night last night with a few of my favorite people.  Went to bed happy.  Woke up happy.  Listened to some great music by my friend Derek to start off my day.  The weahter, the mood, everything just seems right for this small moment in time.

*I hung out with a {quite sassy} four year old all weekend.  Though it provided some challenges it also made my heart ache for the time when I will get to be a mommy.

*I got my nails done last night {what can I say I am weak against peer pressure and it was a girls night thing}.  While I love that they are sparkly I think they are a little too long.  I do wish I could grow my own strong healthy nails.  *Oh and on a side note when I have acrylic nails I tap them together all the time and I am absolutely assured that it drives people crazy...but I just can't help it!*

*I am looking forward to next week a ton because I will get to see my friend!  Yay!

*I really REALLY want hot chocolate.

*No one showed up for Sunday School today and I'm sad because I really wanted to do the activity I planned...but now I have to wait until next week. 

*I have this friend who I haven't talked to in a really long time and all week I have thought about this person.  Missing people can be such a horrible feeling.  I don't know how to convince my heart to let go and move forward.

*I spend so much time drawing plans and "shopping" for my dream house and my dream church and my dream classroom that I think I should have been an architect or a designer. 

Have a great Sunday!

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