Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snowed In!!

Well, we just got word that tomorrow will be another snow day for our school.  That means out of one whole week we went to school for half a day.  Ha!  I am glad that in a society that seems rushed in everything we do our schools are taking the time to make sure the roads are safe for our busses, teachers and other drivers before we go back to school.  I have not been so glad however, to be snowed in at my tiny apartment with no television or internet!  Yesterday my dad and two friends of mine dug my car out so I was finally free.  Today I left my house for the first time since Monday around noon.  I ran a few errands and came to my parents house.  There still are no people around, but there is television and internet and what can I say...I like it here.  I have come to realize that though I will never love this house as much as "my house" (the house I grew up in), I do still love this house.  Today I just walked around and looked at things.  It feels like a million years since I have been here.  I know it has only been a week or so, but when I am here I am usually watching Jersey Shore, cooking with my mom or talking to my mom or things like that.  Rarely am I here alone.  I felt like a little kid discovering new things.  I opened all the closets just to see what was in them.  This reminded me of having snow days when I was little.  When we were old enough to be left at home "alone" (my grandparents were always 'popping in' to visit us which we figured out later meant check on us) my siblings and I would be left a list of chores to do before our parents got home from work.  Other than doing these chores we were pretty  much free.  In "my house" we had HUGE closets.  I loved to go sit in the closets and look at stuff.  I know that sounds strange, but the closets were like a magical world to me.  There was a particularly large closet in the hallway that was great.  It was home to some clothes, lots of shoes, a file cabinet, and tons of boxes!  I loved to get the boxes off the shelf and look through them.  It was always random stuff, but I remember thinking it was great!  Sometimes I would find little trinkets that I would keep in my room for awhile and later return in search of something new.  There also was a small place in the back of the closet in my room where I would sit and think.  I would go there to cry when I was sad.  I would take the cordless phone up there and talk for hours to my friends.  I loved that house!  On snow days we would also usually try to make snow ice cream.  We always ended up with something more like snow soup with so much sugar in it it was grainy.  We were never great at "cooking" back then.  Oh, and we used to make my brother go get the mail in the snow by telling him that we would time him to see how long it took to get down there and back.  We would also occasionally offer him nickels and other random things.  He always went.  I love him. 
I guess I don't have much else to say today.  I am just enjoying being here and watching television and relaxing.  Oh, and I have decided I want to make fondue.  Maybe that's what I will take to the SuperBowl party.  We will see.  For today, for now, I am happy.

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