Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lazy Saturday Afternoon

I love days when I have no obligations and I hate days when I have no obligations.  They are good at first because I can sleep in if I want to.  Sleeping in for me usually is not the same as sleeping in for other people.  today I slept in until 8:00am and I was thrilled!  Then I can just wear sweatpants and lounge around all day long.  This starts out as a really good thing.  Time to relax and think.  But then I start to think to much.  And I start to make lists (either mental lists or actual pen and paper lists) of things I need to do.  Then my day is no longer relaxing because I am worried about EVERYTHING.  I have tons of things that I should be accomplishing today.  Problems that I should be tackling head on and finding a solution to.  But I find real life to be too overwhelming right now.  So I hide in the excuse of having a lazy afternoon.  Later one of my favorite people (my friend Charline) is coming over for the evening.  We will cook something and watch a movie I'm sure.  It will be a lazy evening...but it will be in the company of a good friend.  So you see, days like this are both good and bad.  It's finding the balance in them that I find tricky.

Now a few totally random side notes.  My BFF for life is right this very second arriving (or close to arriving or just arrived) in NOLA for a week long mission trip with people from her town.  Her and her mother and a friend of her mother's left Friday to drive down.  They are committing the next week of their lives to helping people rebuild and continue to heal from destruction.  I find it amazing that so many years later people are still in the process of rebuilding.  I read that so many of those people have accepted sub standard living conditions as their new normal.  That they have lost the drive to try and recapture what their life was before.  The "new normal" has become acceptable to them.  Well I can think of no better people to help them than my BFF and her mom.  I'm excited for the opportunity they have to be a part of restoring pride to people's lives.  Even if it is just the ability to have pride in a freshly painted and scrubbed clean house.  I am so proud of her.

And random side note number two.  I want to cook a quiche or a tart.  My friend Kalee writes about making them.  I always think when I read it "hey I could probably do that".  But then I don't even try because I get scared.  Well I am going to try.  That is my goal for the month of March is to cook either a quiche or a tart (or maybe both) before it is over.  Wish me luck!

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