Thursday, March 24, 2011

I figured out how to put pictures on my blog...who knew it was so easy?

I could make list after list of people I think are awesome and why.  Especially the people I put pictures of on here.  I want to write a post about them.  But tonight I don't have the words.  I've had a long day and still have much to accomplish before I go to bed.  However, I have a few random things to say.
*I recently updated my Facebook so that it says I speak Spanish.  All my (new) siblings speak Spanish and I didn't want to be left out.  I decided that the dozen or so things I know totally count so now I am claiming it as a language.  I hope they don't have Facebook languages spoken police who are gonna come demand that I speak Spanish for them or remove it from my page.
*I am baking a quiche this weekend!  I am mega super excited.  I'll let you know how it goes.
*I love Jesus, but I don't always like His plan for my life it seems.
*Being healthy is REALLY hard.  Like, really really hard.
*I miss these people terribly...

I originally called this post people who rock because of the fabulous pictures I figured out how to post...the people in them rock for sure.  I was going to write about them and why they rock...but I am too tired.  So I changed it and added a line cause it didn't make sense anymore.That's all I've got right now.  Back to the chaos.  :)

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