Sunday, December 26, 2010

I should have known better...

Ok, I should have known better than to start this blog so close to Christmas.  I knew I would get so easily distracted by all the chaos that I wouldn't be able to post as often as I would like, but I did it anyway.  So I apologize for the delay.  The dinner party I wrote about in my last entry went fantastic.  I met new people who were all super nice to me and we ate good food and then played the game Things-which I happen to rather enjoy!  The wife of the couple who hosted the party was super nice and also made me feel right at home because she was working on a craft when we got there.  She was painting shirts for something in her garage which made me super happy.  Also, I could look around her house and see all these super cute things that she had made and so I instantly felt comfortable in her home.  I could have lived forever without having to drive home in the crazy snowstorm that followed...but all in all it was a great night.

Christmas celebrations with my family were great!  (I was going to say fantastic, but I already said that about the dinner party!)  The Saturday before Christmas we had lunch with my mom's extended family (her cousins and aunts and uncles, etc...) who we only see once a year.  Then the next day we spend the afternoon shopping for my sister's birthday.  On Christmas Eve we went to my Aunt's house and on Christmas Day we went to my Grandma's house.  But the real celebration happened on Tuesday, the 21st of December.  That is the day that my mom and dad had my siblings and I (and their families of course) over for dinner and our own family Christmas.  My mom wanted us all there at the same time and wanted us to be able to take our time opening presents and enjoy being together.  My dad cooked prime rib and some other things.  It was the best day.  We were all there together and getting along and Neal hung out with us FOREVER without being in a hurry to leave or anything.  I loved it.  The next day my mom called all of us to tell us how happy she was about the night and we all kind of acted like she was silly for calling us to tell us how much she loved our dinner, but secretly I wanted to tell them all how much I loved it too. 

So now I have a week off school...but it is packed full of things to do.  Tomorrow I am hanging out with some camp friends.  Hopefully Tuesday I will get to see Philip and Leslie.  Wednesday I am hoping to have lunch with my friend David.  Wednesday night Alisa will get here.  Thursday I will meet my birth mom and her children...a whole other post on that coming soon! Friday is New Year's Eve and we have big plans!  I am hoping to help my friend Dana host a dinner party on Saturday.  On Sunday it will be church and cleaning and always!  And back to school on Monday.  Crazy.  Busy.  Week.  Oh, and I have started making new lists.  I do love to make lists.  I am going to post them all in their own seperate posts so that I can find them easily and mark things off of them.  I am thinking I will include some things I have already done on there just so I have something to mark off and make me feel better.  ha! 

Ok, I am in my office at church and really should be working.  I have months of children's events to plan and a Sunday School class to teach.  Then home to clean.  And tomorrow starts the chaos again!  I love my life right now.  <3

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  1. This post is all happy, normal Tracy Leigh bursting-with-joy-ness. Then I get to the part about Thursday and my jaw drops and I'm sad because I have no idea what's going on there but I am so super excited for you and I hope it goes well and I want to call you and tell you how wonderful you are and why you are completely lovable and one of my favorite people on earth even though we so need to talk more often. Sorry for the ramble!