Saturday, December 11, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas

While I love this season I always feel like there are things I forget to do until the last minute.  I think I need to be like my mom and make lists about all the things I need to do for Christmas and pack the list away with my Christmas decorations so that when I get them out I will have the list and it will remind me of all I need to do.  That would not really have worked for me this year though since...brace yourself for this...I haven't put up any decorations.  I KNOW, RIGHT!!  So crazy since I have TONS and I really do love putting them up.  The past couple weeks have flown by in a rush leaving me wondering if I should even bother to put anything up at this point.  I am doing a lot to get ready though.  Just not decorating.

I love making things!  This year I made wrapping paper.  Ok, I didn't REALLY make wrapping paper per say...but I didn't buy wrapping paper.  So I have been saving all the brown paper that comes with things that I (or people I know) order.  I flattened it all out, added a few neutral colored snowflake stamps and used it as wrapping paper.  I had BUNCHES of great ribbon left over from when I made fancy bulletin boards for a college class so I used that to tie around the presents to add color and make them pretty.  I am so excited that I finally did this!  I also made a few Christmas cards, but because I can not make cards quickly yet, most of mine are store bought this year. 

I am also getting ready for Secret Santa at my work which is next week!  I have made a few things for my person and I am SO excited to be able to tell them that their gifts are from me.  I have to find a way to make myself wait until Friday!!  I do love Secret's fun because it forces people to be creative and kind of sneaky.  After the week is over I might write about what gifts I gave.  Oh, and there is a cookie exchange at work this year too.  I have been looking through all of my Christmas cookbooks and magazines to find a fabulous cookie to take to that. 

Ok, so that is all of my randomness for now.  I must pull myself away from reading blogs and playing on Facebook so that I can be productive and get ready for the dinner party I am invited to tonight.  The dinner party where I will only know one other person.  Yeah...I'm nervous.  I usually think dinner parties are really fun and I love to think of fabulous things to take (or how to decorate if I am hosting) but today I am only nervous.  I am meeting new people and I hope they will like me.  I'll let you know how that turns out.  Hope your weekend is full of sparkle!

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