Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh, December!

I must admit, I am a December lover!  I was watching a movie a few nights ago and a guy says to a girl "Yeah, well you're an I love you slut!"  His point was that she said "I love you" all the time and to everyone.  I feel like that in December.  I love ornaments.  I love lights.  I love baking Christmas cookies.  I love giving presents.  (And let's be honest...I love getting presents too!)    I love school parties.  I love Christmas concerts.  I love Christmas movies.  I love snow.  I love warming up by drinking hot chocolate.  I just love it!  It is full of chaos-which I thrive on-and also full of sparkle-which I love!! 

Tonight is our school Christmas program.  My little monsters (my students) have been practicing and practicing and it's great!  I don't like silence in my classroom so the more singing the better!  They usually do it when they are working on things like cutting out shapes for our bulletin board and practicing their handwriting.  It's so festive!  We have also begun making decorations for our class Christmas tree.  As soon as I figure out how to upload pictures I will put a picture of our class tree.  It's beautiful! 

So all this preparation at school has made me want to get things ready at my house as well.  I think I may try and put up my tree tonight.  Depending on how exhausted I am after the program.  I have some different decorating ideas this year.  And I have some new pieces I can't wait to put on display in my cute tiny apartment.  I do not have many presents to wrap this year because I am trying to be thrifty and make presents or do things for people instead of getting them something.  More on that later!  Since I live in apartment there is very little I can do to the outside of my abode to make it more festive.  Anyone have any ideas on what to do about that?  (And by anyone I mean the total of two people who read this so far since I haven't told anyone else about it. Ha!)

Oh how I do love December.  It makes me miss days of making snow ice cream with my brother.  It makes me long for quiet peaceful moments of pure bliss.  It makes me believe that there is still good in the world and that I am not fighting for nothing! 

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  1. I totally suck at commenting, so this is too late. But next year you could totally do lights around your window frames and hang wreaths in the windows!