Sunday, January 9, 2011


I started writing this post this morning and I SWEAR I hit the save button before I walked away from my computer, but I came back and it was gone.  Sad day.  Good thing it's not a super long post or anything, so I'm just gonna write it again. 

I love to cook.  I have always enjoyed cooking, I am just not super great at it.  I can cook a few things really well, but I usually make a HUGE mess doing it.  I have not figured out a good method for organizing my kitchen and organizing my cooking skills.  There are times when I literally feel like I use every pot/pan/dish that I have and that every surface in my kitchen is covered with something.  This combined with the fact that I live by myself equals me not cooking very much.  Living alone makes it easy to eat convenience foods that are pre-made, pre-packaged and basically not that great.  So one of my things on my list of things I want to do in 2011 is cook more.  I want to figure out how to cook better food with better ingredients and with a better method of cooking.  (I think that sounds oddly like a Papa John's commercial.)  This is a HUGE goal so I decided that a good place to start would be to pick a cookbook I own and cook everything in it.  I picked a small one.  Ha!  I am going to cook everything in the GAL cookbook I have from college.  The foods in it aren't necessarily super healthy or anything, but cooking anything at all is a good place to start I figured.  Plus they are recipes that were submitted by my sorority sisters (therefore my friends!).  I will let you know how it goes.

Oh, and speaking of cooking...tomorrow night (hopefully, unless plans change) I am going to be making homemade pizza.  It's not from scratch or anything.  I am using a crust mix and already made sauce, but adding lots of fresh veggies and good mozzarella cheese.  Like I said, it's a start.  Maybe someday I will get ambitious and make pizza sauce from scratch, but that's not happening this week!  I hear that it's not actually that hard, so I have faith that I can do it.  Tonight I will finally be making chocolate covered pretzels.  I was supposed to make them last week and it never happened.  If I remember correctly I was going to make them on Thursday, but got distracted with watching Jersey Shore.  Ha! 

I am hoping that by cooking more I can develop a healthier relationship with food.  I will be able to control what goes into the things I am eating.  I will be able to make foods that I really want and keep learning to do it in a healthier way.  I still love cooking, I am just hoping to minimize the mess and be able to love cooking more often than I already do!  It will be a fun experiment if nothing else!

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  1. Tracy Leigh, being healthier is so much easier when you know how to cook and do it often. And cooking gets easier, I promise. Good luck on your pizza!